Rafael Henrique Tibães Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Artificial Intelligence

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Machine Learning Engineer with experience in data science, computer vision and high-performance computing. Graduated in Computer Science (UFPR, 2012) and now pursuing a master’s degree (UFBA).

Much Code, Such Hack, Wow.

opencv biometrics julialang tensorflow flutter

Featured Projects

Advog App
  • Development on iOS, Android, Flutter and Firebase

This project is about an communication app for lowyers, started at Hackathon OAB 2016. I'm responsible for the mobile app and some of the backend.

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Golden Heart
  • Development on Docker, Shell, C/C++, CUDA, Python and Julia
  • OpenSource Docker container targeting high performance computer vision research, providing jupyter, c++, python and julia over the CUDA stack.

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  • Development on pure Julia
  • This is an OpenSource project that provides a public API and some biometrics algorithms to Julia.

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